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 2018 HASTI Conference
  Wednesday Pre-Conference Workshops

February 14, 2018 –

Wednesday 8:00 am – 12:00 noon

101.  Crash Course on Moodle – Quiz Question Types – Tests, Quizzes and Other Assessment Types

Presenter:  Bob Jackson
School/Organization:  Rose-Hulman – PRISM project
Maximum Participants:  24
Audience:  General
Subject:  Interdisciplinary
Cost:  No fee
Brief Description: 
Crash Course on Moodle - Quiz Question Types is a distance education course designed to provide teachers the skills necessary to use a basic Moodle course to:

      1. Learn to create different types of questions within tests and quizzes these include:  true/false, multiple choice, short answer, essay, Cloze, drag and drop into images and text, questions with calculations required within them and others.
      2. Learn to develop high-level assessments with a variety of question types. 
      3. Learn to develop assessments that have good feedback to students upon      completion

Other Information: 

Four (4) PGP points will be earned by participants upon completion of the workshop; however, participants can choose to complete the full course after the workshop and receive Ten (10) PGP points. 

All participants need a laptop, notebook or other device to follow along and participate in the workshop.  This device needs to connect wirelessly to the internet and be able to access  Participants can bring, or have online access to, test banks and old tests that they have been using. Desktop Browser Support


Minimum Version

Recommended Version


Apple Safari


Latest (10.1.2)

Google Chrome


Latest (60)

Microsoft Edge


Latest (40.0)

Microsoft Internet Explorer


Latest (11.0.43)

Mozilla Firefox


Latest (54.0)

102.  STEM at the Zoo

Presenters:  Desiree Randon and Jory Sejdiu
School/Organization:  Indianapolis Zoo
Location:  Indianapolis, IN
Maximum Participants:  25   
Audience:  General
Subject:  Interdisciplinary
Cost:  $15
Brief Description:

Would you like to see how STEM works at the Zoo? We will take you on a special behind the scenes tour as well as explore some of the Zoo exhibits. You will spend time learning about what it takes to care for and run a zoo. Afterwards you will be free to explore the Zoo more on your own.

Other Information:
We will be moving around the Zoo so dress comfortably and for the weather.

HASTI will not be providing any busses to this location.  Below are the directions to the Indianapolis Zoo starting from the Wyndham – Indianapolis West.,+2544+Executive+Dr,+Indianapolis,+IN+46241/Indianapolis+Zoo,+1200+W+Washington+St,+Indianapolis,+IN+46222/data=!4m8!4m7!1m2!1m1!1s0x886ca789c70b1a15:0xb25bcafc738254a1!1m2!1m1!1s0x886b574c2abf5f2b:0x1c28cd32c964346b!3e0

103.  Lab Safety Short Course

Presenter:  Mary Loesing, Ed.D.
School/Organization:  NSTA
Maximum Participants:  50
Audience:  General
Subject:  Interdisciplinary
Cost:  No fee
Brief description:

Lab Safety is everyone’s business.  As we transition to three-dimensional learning, there is even more emphasis on hands-on laboratories and activities.  As teachers and administrators, we need to make sure that we are as safe as possible, for our own protection and well as for the protection of our students.  Some of the topics we will discuss in this session include:

        • Chemical Hygiene Plans
        • Chemical Storage
        • Chemical Disposal
        • Occupancy Loads
        • First-Aid
        • Eye Protection
        • Personal Protective Equipment
        • Field Trip Safety
        • Duty of Care
        • Liability
        • Top Ten Safety Issues Every Teacher/Administrator Should Know
        • Response to Your Questions/Concerns


104.  Picture-Perfect Science: Using Children’s Literature to Inspire STEM Learning

Presenter:  Jen Gutierrez
School/Organization:  NSTA
Maximum Participants:  50
Audience:  K-5
Subject:  STEM
Cost: No fee
Brief Description:

In this interactive workshop, K-5 teachers will: 

      1. Learn how to use scientific inquiry, the 5Es instructional model, and reading comprehension strategies to teach STEM.
      2. Participate in model science lessons that blend STEM and reading in a meaningful way.
      3. Be introduced to high quality science-related picture books that make science and reading come alive for students!  (K-5)

Wednesday 1:00 – 5:00 pm Sessions

201.  Connecting youth with nature through The Nature of Teaching

Presenters:  Rod Williams, Jarrod Brooke, Molly Hunt, Becca Busse
School/Organization:  Purdue University
Maximum Participants:  30
Audience:  Elementary
Subject:  Ecology
Cost:  No fee

Brief description: 
The Nature of Teaching offers professional development workshops for teachers focused on science, the environment, and getting students connected with nature. Our lesson plans are classroom ready for grades K-5 and standards-based. We will provide innovative approaches to incorporating STEM into your classroom using nature as the vehicle.

202.  Accessible Analysis:  Camera Colorimetry

Presenter:  Amber Ortiz
School/Organization: University of Minnesota
Maximum Participants:  25
Audience:  High School/College
Subject:  STEM
Cost:  No fee

Brief Description:
Learn how to integrate technology with science in this hands-on lesson where teachers can use cameras and Google Sheets to perform a basic colorimetric analysis.   

Other important information:
Please bring your own goggles and gloves to the session, as well as any devices you would like to use for the activity (smartphones, digital cameras, ipads, cameras, or Chromebooks that students would use). A limited number of goggles and gloves will be available for participants. No extra devices will be available.


203.  Hands on Biotech with Bio-Rad

Presenter:  Sherry Annee
School/Organization:  Brebeuf High School
Location:  Brebeuf High School
Maximum Participants:  25
Audience:  High School
Subject:  Life Science
Cost:  No fee

Brief Description:
Conduct three hands-on lab kits from Bio-Rad: Giant Panda Conservation (ELISA), GM Foods (PCR), and Photosynthesis & Respiration with Algae Beads.

Other Information:
HASTI will not be providing any busses to this location. 

Directions from Wyndham to Brebeuf Jesuit:

  1. Start out going east on Rockville Rd toward S Mickley Ave.
    Then 0.05 miles0.05 total miles

  2. Make a U-turn at S Mickley Ave onto Rockville Rd.
    Then 0.16 miles0.21 total miles

  3. Merge onto I-465 N/USS Indianapolis Memorial Hwy.
    Then 9.93 miles10.13 total miles

  4. Take the 86th St exit, EXIT 23.
    Then 0.40 miles10.53 total miles

  5. Keep right at the fork in the ramp.
    Then 0.06 miles10.59 total miles

  6. Merge onto W 86th St.
    Then 3.11 miles13.71 total miles

  7. 2801 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46268-1926, 2801 W 86TH ST is on the right.
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